Eritrean exiled poet Yabat Ali released two books titled طوينا صفحة الليل (The Night We Turned the Page) andوغنيت للحي (I Sang for Love) in a book launching ceremony held in Cairo on February the 6th, organized by Eritrean human rights movement, May 24.

Eritrean exiled poet Yabat Ali Fayed has published two books of poetry in Arabic. The two books are entitled طوينا صفحة الليل (The Night We Turned the Page) andوغنيت للحي (I Sang for Love). The book launching ceremony was held in Cairo, February 6, 2016 in an event organized by Eritrean human rights movement, May 24. The event was attended by Eritrean community residing in Cairo and some Egyptian friends.

The book "The Night We Turned the Page”, contains 27 poems that attempt to highlight the current Eritrean limbo state characterized by hopelessness and despair. At the same time, many of the poems in the book try to highlight how the most aspiring dreams have been deferred. The well-written poems of the collection are elegiac poems that try to narrate the long tyrannical rule of President Isaias Afwerki.

The poet, however, does not only emphasizes the gloom side of the current predicament. He foresees a dignified Eritrea whose citizens would be the decision makers of their own fates. His poems at the same time lift the morale of the destitute citizens and calls for unity. Despite the despair and disappointment that prevails among the Eritreans, the poet expresses optimism about the demise of this injustice and oppression which the Eritrean people are suffering. In his poem entitled انى رايت انتهاء النظام (I Saw the End of the Regime) the narrator describes the eventual end of the dictatorial regime. Then he calls the nationals to extend the wings of peace and embrace unity.

The second collection of poems “I Sang for Love” contains 35 poems of love, praise, and some with sarcastic tones. The collection has won the highest award in 2011 granted by the state in the Sudan for creativeness and scientific excellence.

The poet Yabat Ali Mohamed Fayed was born in 1972 in Kassala, Sudan to Eritrean parents. He holds a B.A degree in Arabic literature from the Al-Neelain University of Khartoum. The poet earned higher diploma in Arabic and English languages from the Islamic Institute for Translation in the Sudan in 2012. So far the poet has published ثلاثون نصا لعشر (Thirty Text for Ten Women) (2005) a poetry collection; عبث الحسان (Beautiful Women's Tamper) (2009); دوماكنتكى(I was You Always); and another poetry translation for a number of poems and short stories.

The poet Yabat has won the first prize in 2008 festival for his book Beautiful Women's Tamper bestowed by Arweka association for culture and science with the supreme council for youth and sports. Similarly he won a state award in 2011 for his poetry collection I Sang for Love.

* Mohammed Hiyabu is exiled Eritrean journalist who is currently staying in Cairo, Egypt. He can be reached at: