PEN Eritrea Advisory Council and Executive Committee

Advisory Council

  1. Haile Bizen, President (Poet and Journalist)
  2. Daniel R. Mekonnen, Member (Author, translator, and human-rights lawyer)
  3. Saba Kidane, Member (Poet and Journalist)

Executive Committee

  1. Abraham T. Zere: Executive Director and Chief-Editor (Former columnist in the national newspaper, Hadas Eritra; editor in Hdri Publishers; chaired the yearly national short story competitions (2007-2011).
  2. Mogos O. Brhane: Secretary (Former freelance radio and print journalist in Eritrea and worked as National Coordinator of Community Courts at the Ministry of Justice until 2013.) 
  3. Tedros Abraham: Treasurer (Former journalist at the English daily Eritrea Profile; editor in Hdri Publishers; served in the Eritrean Film Rating Committee)

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